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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

Aug 2, 2022

Hi, here's thirty minutes of all keys and no bored

The Happy Kids--"1-1-1000"

Lassie--"Phonecalls on My Deathbed"

Anxiety Society--"Playing Silly Buggers"

Lamps--"Bertha Walt"

Dwarves--"Get Out of My Life"

G.T.R.R.C.--"Bummer Bitch"

Le Tigre--"Deceptacon"

The Gobs--"Fight Your...

Jul 19, 2022

Hi, here's thirty minutes of all rock and 3 chords by gunk rock pioneers The Trashies

The CPS Took My Baby Away

Plasma Date

Penultimate Betrayal Blazer

I'm High, So What

Sooprize Package

Steal Your Bike

Tanktop Sunburn

I H8 U Motherfuckers

Free Form War

Dumb and Ugly

Meth Lab Car

In the Gutter

I Want, I Need


Jul 5, 2022

Hi, here's thirty minutes of all rock and no talk. See ya in the pit!

Minor Threat–“Seeing Red”
Aneurysm–“Handbook for the Recently Diseased”
Lamictal–“Pins n Needles”
Pretty Faces–“The Machine Stops”
The 4-Skins–“Evil”
Poison Idea–“Icepicks at Dawn”

Jun 28, 2022

Hi, here's thirty minutes of all rock and 3 chords by the Queers

Steak Bomb

You're Tripping

I Met Her at the Rat

Hi, Mom, It's Me!



I Just Called to Say Fuck You

My Old Man's a Fatso

She's a Cretin

If You Only Had a Brain

Teenage Bonehead

Journey to the Center of Your Empty Fucking Skull


Jun 16, 2022

In the three years that I did this as a weekly podcast, there was only one week where I posted no episode at all, in August of 2019. As I recall, I was too depressed about nothing really to even move. I didn't address it on air (or "on air") or in fact say anything to anyone about it, but it always bothered me to have...