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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

Nov 22, 2018

Happy turkey day, my little pork pies, and I hope you enjoy the food episode of The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway! TOSS a nice salad! WOLF a big meal! SIT on the can all night! It’s fatty and not very good for you, so make sure to stuff yourself full of it!

The Riverboat Gamblers--“Let's Eat”

The Elite--“One Potato”

The Meat Sluts--“My Baby Is a Ding-Dong”

The Real Kids--“Hot Dog”

The Mummies--“Food, Sickles, & Girls”


The Hanson Brothers--“No More Headcheese”

“Weird Al” Yankovic--“My Bologna”

The Sloppy Seconds--“Ice Cream Man”

Jason Crest--“(Here We Go Round The) Lemon Tree”

The Pilgrimage--“Bad Apple”

Rev. Norb and the Onions--“Eating Quisp from Someone Else’s Bowl”

The One-Way Street--“We All Love Peanut Butter”

The Trashies--“Get Daddy a Chicken Sandwich”

The Leopards--“Mah Mah Chicken Pot Pie”

The Cramps--“Chicken”

The Mr. T Experience--“More Than Toast”

The Chips--“Rubber Biscuit”

Wesley Willis--“Rock n’ Roll McDonald’s”

Lagwagon--“Mr. Coffee”

Man or Astro-man?--“Caffeine Trip”