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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

Sep 6, 2018

All vocalists can take five on this week’s episode of The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway, the all-instrumentals episode! HEAR music unfettered by human speech! RECALL a time when an instrumental could go to #1 on the charts! A THIRD thing!

Song list:

Bad Manners--“Can Can”

The Snobs--“Stand and Deliver”

The Hogs--“Loose Lip Sync Ship”

Tony Newman--“Soul Thing”

The Sub-Dominants--“Bang Bang”

Flatt and Scruggs--“Foggy Mountain Breakdown”

The Shockwave!--“Take on Me”

Hommy Sanz Orguesta--“Heart Full of Soul”

I Monster--“The Blue Wrath”

Jan Davis--“Watusi Zombie”

The Hi-Fives--“Beauty Is the Mind”

Man or Astro-Man?--“Italian Movie Theme”

Buck Owens--“Ensenada”

The Phantom Surfers--“Pygmy Dance”

The Frantics--“The Whip”

The Bahareebas--“Peterheater”

The Monarchs--“El Bandito”

Shadowy Man on a Shadowy Planet--“Siesta Cinema”

Operation Ivy--“Bankshot”

Little Iva and Her Band--“Continental Strut”

The Imps--“Uh-Oh”

The Pagents--“Big Daddy”

The Lost Boys of Penzance-- “The Man Who Sold the World”