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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

Dec 31, 2020

IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 2020, I got super into Australian punk band The Meanies, the latest to be added to my long list of favorites! Let’s listen!

The Meanies--“10% Weird”

The Meanies--“Gangrenous”

The Meanies--“Stay in Bed”

The Meanies--“Rambomania”

The Meanies--“Darkside of my Mind”

The Meanies--“Our New Planet”

The Meanies--“Record Sale”

The Meanies--“What Am I to Do?”

The Meanies--“I’m Amazed”

The Meanies--“Sorry ‘bout the Violence”

The Meanies--“Wonderland”

The Meanies--“Round in Circles”

The Meanies--“Ton of Bricks”

The Meanies--“Redneck Door”

The Meanies--“Conan”

The Meanies--“Example to Change”

The Meanies--“Grandmother’s Dead”

The Meanies--“Corpse in Love”

The Meanies--“Buffalo Free”

The Meanies--“Lucky Charm”

The Meanies--“Hazzard a Guess”

The Meanies--“Blacklist”

The Meanies--“Play This Song Each Night”

The Meanies--“You Know the Drill”

The Meanies--“The Shallow End’s Mine”

The Meanies--“There’s a Gap”

The Meanies--“Punchin’ Air”

The Meanies--“Old Car to Shangri-La”

The Meanies--“Jekyll and Hide”

The Meanies--“Defcon One”