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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

Sep 19, 2019

Summer may be over, but the bummer never ends on The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway!

The Riverboat Gamblers--“Last to Know” 

The Earls--“Remember Then” 

The Sandels--“Always (I'll Remember)” 

The Peptones--“Can’t Win”  

The Queers--“I Can’t Get Over You”

Boyce & Hart--“Goodbye Baby (I Don’t Want To See You Cry)”

The English Beat--“Click Click” 

The Merseys--“Sorrow”

Thee Headcoats--“You Broke My Very Mind” 

The Four Fifths--“If You Still Want Me” 

The Plagues--“I've Been Through It Before” 

The Music Machine--“No Girl Gonna Cry”

Digital Leather--“Sweet Cheeks” 

The Soul Survivors--“Can't Stand To Be In Love With You”

The Muffs--“Saying Goodbye”

Northwest Company--“Hard to Cry” 

Riverdales--“Crash of the Moons”

The Strings--“Don’t Go” 

The Reigning Sound--“We Repel Each Other”

The Monkees--“Tear Drop City” 

Herman’s Hermits--“Silhouettes” 

Ramones--“I Believe in Miracles”

This episode is respectfully dedicated to Ric Ocasek