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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

Aug 2, 2022

Hi, here's thirty minutes of all keys and no bored

The Happy Kids--"1-1-1000"

Lassie--"Phonecalls on My Deathbed"

Anxiety Society--"Playing Silly Buggers"

Lamps--"Bertha Walt"

Dwarves--"Get Out of My Life"

G.T.R.R.C.--"Bummer Bitch"

Le Tigre--"Deceptacon"

The Gobs--"Fight Your Parents"


NASDAQ--"Greed Is Good"

Polysics--"Each Life Each End"

Lost Sounds--"I'm Not a Machine"

the second-to-last song

Ghoulies--"E.T. Gnome"