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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

Aug 10, 2021

Hi, here's 30 minutes of all rock and no talk, half the calories and twice the Fat

NoFX--“Leave It Alone”

Terrorgruppe--“All Cops Are Bastards”

Propagandhi--“Ska Sucks”

Lagwagon--“Bad Moon Rising”

The Bouncing Souls--“Neurotic”

Descendents--“I Don’t Want to Grow Up”

The Dickies--“Howdy Doody in the Woodshed”

D.I.--“The Saint”

Pennywise--“Who’s to Blame”

Bad Religion--“True North”

The Vandals--“Live Fast Diarrhea”

Operation Ivy--“Sound System”

The Voodoo Glow Skulls--“Dirty Rats”

Circle Jerks--“When the Shit Hits the Fan”

The Offspring--“Hand Grenades”

Guttermouth--“End on 9”