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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

Aug 30, 2022

We're not supposed to use "the r-word" anymore, but 

Terror Visions--"Endless Tunnel"

The Reatards--"Blew My Mind"

The Reatards--"I Gotta Rock 'n' Roll"

Jay Reatard--"It's So Useless"

The Reatards--"Who Are You"

The Reatards--"Fashion Victim"

The Reatards--"Get Outta Our Way"

Terror Visions--"Blood Is Sweet but Semen Is...

Aug 16, 2022

Hi, here's thirty minutes and 3 chords from the best band to ever come out of Seattle, WA, The Spits

Get Our Kicks

Eyesore City

Kill the Kool

Remote Kontrol

Spit Me Out

Electric Brain

Life of Crime


She Don't Kare

School's Out

Tired & Lonely

Tomorrow's Children

Cha Cha Love

I'm Scum

Don't Shoot


Aug 2, 2022

Hi, here's thirty minutes of all keys and no bored

The Happy Kids--"1-1-1000"

Lassie--"Phonecalls on My Deathbed"

Anxiety Society--"Playing Silly Buggers"

Lamps--"Bertha Walt"

Dwarves--"Get Out of My Life"

G.T.R.R.C.--"Bummer Bitch"

Le Tigre--"Deceptacon"

The Gobs--"Fight Your...