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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

May 2, 2019

Oh, hey, if I owe you a mix for a review, let me know.

The Teen Idols--"Let’s Make Noise"

The Hookers--"The Legend of Black Thunder"

The Future Virgins--"Other Side"

The Meters--"Hand Clapping Song"

The Fanatics--"Masquerade"

Ashtray Babyhead--"Popstar Radio Crown"

The Express--"You Gotta Understand"

The Dry Grins--"She's A Drag"

BullMoose--"Drunk-Punch Man"

Your Mom--"Rip This Joint"

Johnny and the Hurricanes--"Red River Rock"

Homer and Jethro--"The Battle of Kookamonga"

The Gap Band--"You Dropped a Bomb on Me" 

Jonny and the Shamen--"A Shot in the Dark"

The Weeks--"Comeback Cadillac"

The Reatards--"I Can Live Without You"

The Bad Habits--"I Don't Want to Discuss It"

The Playboys of Edinburg--"Look at Me Girl"