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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

May 24, 2018

Send the kids to bed and lay out the dirty blanket, it's time for the all-sex episode of The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway! EXCHANGE some fluids! KNOCK some boots! BECOME uncomfortable if your parents walk in suddenly! Don't tell Tipper Gore, but some of this gets a little blue!

Song list:

The Royal Coachmen--Lollipop

The Dwarves--Fuck So Good

Bunker Hill--The Girl Can't Dance

The Four--69

The Cardinals--Tomato Juice

The Reatards--I Want Sex

Richard and the Young Lions--Open Up Your Door

Boris the Sprinkler--I Wanna Get to Third Base With You

The Makers--(Are You on the Inside or the Outside of Your) Pants?

The Trashies--Sweatpants Boner

The Hi-Fives--Humping Away

Dead Kennedys--Too Drunk to Fuck

Doug Clark and the Nuts--Baby, Let Me Bang Your Box

The Consumers--Teen Love Song

The Cramps--What's Inside a Girl?

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion--Full Grown

The Voidoids--Love Comes in Spurts