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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

Nov 26, 2020

Sorry for two reruns in two months but granddad is two tired lately. So here's last year's eatsie-time episode, no, the irony of the description is not lost on me

It’s the annual Thanksgiving all-food episode of The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway, the only Thursday podcast doing a new episode today, I GUARANTEE IT

The Electric Prunes—“Ain’t It Hard”

The Headies—“Sugar Snack Shuffle” 

The Ring-A-Dings—“Snacky Poo “

The Earthworms—“Mo’ Taters” 

Georgie Woods—“Potato Salad Part I” 

Elijah and the Ebonies—“Hot Grits!!!”

Ray Charles—“Mess Around”


The Oscar Martinez Orchestra—“Tortallitas De Manteca”

Lord Rockingham’s XI—“Fried Onions”

The Pastel Six—“The Milkshake” 

The Vandals—“Anarchy Burger (Hold the Government)” 

The Lizards—“Food Poisoning”


The Ventures—“Percolator”

The McRackins—“Pressed Ham”