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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

May 17, 2018

In honor of what would have been Jeffrey R. Hyman's 67th birthday this Saturday, this week's episode of The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway is the Ramones memorial episode! GENERATE steam heat! KEEP your feet in for all the hopping cretins! COUNT to four in German! Rock and roll might be dead, but the Ramones will always live on!

Song list:

Sloppy Seconds--"You Can't Kill Joey Ramone"

Chris Montez--"Let's Dance"

The Rivieras--"California Sun"

The Trashmen--"Surfin' Bird"

The Searchers--"Needles and Pins"

The Dwarves--"The KKK Took My Baby Away"

The Vindictives--"I Remember You"

The Reatards--"Listen to My Heart"

The New Piccadillys--"Judy Is a Punk"

Ramonetures--"I Wanna Be Sedated"

Shonen Knife--"Rock 'n' Roll High School"

The Hanson Brothers--"My Girlfriend's a Robot"


Boris the Sprinkler--"Kill the Ramones"

Riverdales--"Riverdale Stomp"

The Postals--"Pet Her Dog"

Dee Dee Ramone--"Nothin'"

CJ Ramone--"Let's Go"

Joey Ramone--"Stop Thinking About It"