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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

Jul 12, 2018

From beyond the stars comes this week’s sci-fi episode of The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway! MAKE first contact! BREAK the space/time barrier! GET STUFFED into your locker! Listen to it now before they make some disastrous prequels and ruin it for you!

THIS EPISODE IS RESPECTFULLY DEDICATED to the memories of Steve Soto, Harlan Ellison, and of course, Steve Ditko.

Song list:

Link Wray & the Moon Men--"Other Side of the Moon"

Theme from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Man...or Astro-man?--"Defcon 5"

The Scaners--"Abduction"

Thee Shatners--"Romulan Attack"

Boris the Sprinkler--"Purple Vulcan Hot Rod"

Servotron--"S.R.A./3 Laws (Abolished)"

The Phantom Surfers--"Medley: Theme from ‘The X-Files’/The Extremely Stupid Files"

The Spits--"Electric Brain"

The Boss Tones--"Mopitty Mope"

Jon Cougar Concentration Camp--"Half-Assed Jedi"

The Sloppy Seconds--"Runnin’ from the CIA"

The Young Savages--"The Invaders Are Coming"


Ric Masten--"Missile Monkey"

Alice Cooper--"Clones (We’re All)"