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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

Aug 22, 2019

How do, it’s an all-instrumentals episode of The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway! Lead singers need not apply!

Brownout--“Welcome to the Terrordome” 

Johnny And The Debonairs--“The Bonecracker”

The Bar-Kays--“Montego Bay”

The Rhum Runners--“Saigon Hop”

Dave and the Orbits--“Cheetas Uncle” 

The Banditos--“The Mark of Zorro”

The English Beat--“March of the Swivelheads”


Jack Nitzsche--“Rumble”

Afrosound--“Danza de los Mirlos”

Spade Cooley & His Orchestra--“Oklahoma Stomp”

The Roadsters--“Mag Rims”

Area Code 615--“Classical Gas”

Messer Chups--“Mickey Rat” 

The Animated Egg--“Sock It My Way”

Public Enemy--“Leave This Off Your Fuckin’ Charts”