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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

Jun 16, 2020

One of two bonus episodes of The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway this week, this is an all-surf music show I did for the Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban stream (RIP) on January 13, 2019!

Satan's Pilgrims--“Petty-43” At Home With (Estrus, 1994) 0:00:00

Music behind DJ: The Lively Ones--“Bustin' Surfboards” Surf Drums (Del-Fi, 1963)

PJ and the Galaxies--“Tally Ho” American Surf Treasures, Vol. 1 (Gee-Dee, 2000) 0:03:37

Man or Astroman?--“Maximum Radiation Level” Experiment Zero (Touch and Go, 1996) 0:05:52

Dick Dale and His Del-Tones--“Let's Go Trippin'”

Surfers' Choice (Deltone, 1962) 0:07:36

The Ventures--“The Cruel Sea (The Cruel Surf)” Live in Japan '65 (EMI, 1995) 0:09:43

Les Agamemnonz--“Au Revoir” Au Revoir (Green Cookie, 2015) 0:12:06

Link Wray and the Moon Men--“Other Side of the Moon” Missing Links, Vol. 3: Some Kinda Nut (Norton, 1990) 0:14:36

Your DJ speaks

The Sir Finks--“Heart Full of Soul” Instrumentals in the Key of…BOSS!!! (Wildebeest, 2000) 0:18:41

The Concussions--“And I Love Her” Magic Fingers (Double Crown, 2008) 0:21:14

Ramonetures--“I Wanna Be Sedated” Ramonetures (Blood Red, 1999) 0:23:42

The Phantom Four--“A Forest” Morgana (Mirananda, 2012) 0:25:43

The Crimson Ghosts--“Attitude” Some Kinda Hits (Necro-Tone, 2005) 0:29:33

Your DJ speaks

The Tiki Men--“Fireball” 12 Dusty Diamonds (Hillsdale, 1995) 0:32:24

The Bomboras--“Land of the One-Percenters” Head Shrinkin' Fun (Zombie A Go-Go, 1998) 0:33:48

The Scouts--“The Mr. Custer Stomp” 7" (Rendezvous, 1962) 0:35:36

The Barbwires--“Crazy Kooters” …Sounds Like Trouble! (Zorch, 2001) 0:37:49

Your DJ speaks

The Chevells--“Let There Be Surf” 7" (Chevell, 1963) 0:42:09

The Biscaynes--“Church Key” split 7" with The Surfaris (Northridge, 1962) 0:44:14

Dave Myers and His Surftones--“Gear!” 7" (Wickwire, 1964) 0:46:00

The Telstars--“Spaghetti Strap” 7" ('Teen, 1964) 0:47:51

Your DJ speaks

The Bahareebas--“When the Summer Ends” Last Night I Saved the Galaxy (Kamikaze, 2007) 0:52:20