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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

May 3, 2018

San Diego, California! Home of great Mexican food, bad high school memories, and one of the finest music scenes in the country, as evidenced on this episode of The Worm Turns with hometown zero Jimmy Callaway! HEAR my friends' bands! LISTEN to my friends' bands! CHECK OUT my friends' bands! Also featuring some bands who lived in my neighborhood before I was born! It's fun!

Song list:

Battalion of Saints--"My Mind's Diseased"

Jon Cougar Concentration Camp--"My Favorite Place"

The Outcasts--"Run Away"

Larry Green and the Rhythm Machine--"Watch Your Step"


The Postals--"Lemonade"

The Zeros--"Don't Push Me Around"

Lucy's Fur Coat--"Treasure Hands"

The Hard Times--"Come to Your Window"

The Tell-Tale Hearts--"Crawling Back to Me"

Neighborhood Watch--"Want To Be Lied To"

The Kassos--"So This Is Where I Die"

The Event--"Pop Think-In"

The Widows--"Lime Green"

The Morlocks--"You Mistreat Me"

The Hoods--"She Ain't Doin' Me Wrong"

Buck-O-Nine--"I Don't Seem to Care"

fluf--"The Flight of Sperm"