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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

Feb 22, 2022

Hi, here's 30 minutes of all rock and no talk. All of these hot hot smokers I bought recently on the ol' Bandcamp and now you are too. REMEMBER, KIDS: Every first Friday of the month, all purchases made go directly to the artists without BC taking their cut (I bought most of these on a Saturday because I am an idiot.)(Also follow me there please and we can commiserate on how excellent our taste in music is compared to all these other dopes out here.)

Atomic Suplex--"One-Man Party"

eugh--"Junk Shop"

The Headies--"Black Bubblegum"

Bootlicker--"Herd the Sheep"


Avenues--"We're All Doomed"

Los Granujas--"Laika"

Baby Tyler--"Needz"

Spread Joy--"Violence"

The Spent Idols--"Oh No (Here I Go Again)"

Mirage Music Club--"Narc City"

Science Man--"Top of the Crown"

Man-eaters--"Charged T.C.B."

Body Type--"Sex & Rage"

The Bobby Lees--"Deed 'Em Dead"

Silicone Prairie--"Dance to the Beat"

Les Grys-Grys--"Satisfy the Lord of Anarchy"