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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

Nov 19, 2020

It’s time to be an android, not a man, on this week’s The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway!

The Misfits--“We Are 138”

The Misfits--“Where Eagles Dare”

The Misfits--“Bullet”

The Misfits--“Children in Heat”

The Misfits--“Death Comes Ripping”

The Misfits--“Earth A.D.”

The Misfits--“Ghouls Night Out”

The Misfits--“TV Casualty”

The Misfits--“Static Age”

The Misfits--“Return of the Fly”

The Misfits--“Some Kinda Hate”

The Misfits--“Devilock”

The Misfits--“Hybrid Moments”

The Misfits--“Spinal Remains”

The Misfits--“We Bite”

The Misfits--“Demonomania”

The Misfits--“Last Caress”