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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

Feb 27, 2020

Suffering succotash, set yourself for another searing series of soul smokers on The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway!

Billy Clark & The Maskman--“Soul Party”

Doris Troy--“Whatcha Gonna Do About It”

E.T. White & the Great Potential Band--“Funky Soul Shake”

Jimmy Mamou--“Funky Love” 

Wayne Cochran--“You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover”

Davy Jr. and the Guess Who--“Kool & the Gang”

The Soul Lifters--“Hot, Funky, and Sweaty”

Biggie Ratt--“Escape”

The Mohawks--“The Champ”

Brother Soul--“Cookies”

Herbie Hancock--“Bring Down the Birds” 

Johnny and Lilly--“Suffering City”

The Fatback Band--“Gotta Learn How to Dance” (which I forgot to mention was sampled heavily by Kool G Rap and DJ Polo for their 1990 single “Streets of New York”)

Jerry O.--“Funky Four Corners”

Nelson Sanders--“Mojo Man”

The Four Larks--“Groovin’ at the Go-Go”

Top Hat & Little Jeff--“Mississippi Bump”

Sunny & The Sunliners--“Hip Huggin' Mini”

Shirley Ellis--“Soul Time”