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The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway

Jan 24, 2019

Born of woman, recreated by outer space, it’s the Man or Astro-Man? episode of The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway! MAKE first contact! SURF the river of blood! SAMPLE a John Agar film! It’s 20 million miles to Earth but only an hour and change of show!

Man or Astro-Man?--“Interstellar Hardrive”

Pylon--“Italian Movie Theme”

The Rezillos--“Destination Venus”

The Pixies--“Manta Ray”

The Causey Way--“Message from the Pulpit”

Servotron--“Pull the Plug”

Supernova--“Calling Hong Kong”

Man or Astro-Man?--“Human Calculator”

Man or Astro-Man?--“Mouthful of Exhaust”

Man or Astro-Man?--“Escape Velocity”

Man or Astro-Man?--“Tetsuwan Atomu”

Man or Astro-Man?--“Maximum Radiation Level”

Man or Astro-Man?--“Man Made of CO2”

Man or Astro-Man?--“The Sound Waves, Reversing”

Man or Astro-Man?--“As Estrelas Agora Elas Estão Mortas”

Man or Astro-Man?--“Um Espectro Sem Escala”

Man or Astro-Man?--“All Systems To Go”

Man or Astro-Man?--“With Automatic Shut Off”